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ICA Spara delivers customer experience


ICA Spara wants to become the customer's best friend in her everyday economy. That is ICA Spara's mission and basic idea with the new app ICA Spara.

ICA Spara wants to help the customer save time and money no matter it´s shopping, household bills, insurances and all other life expenses.

Basically, by using ICA Spara the customer can collect all banks and the entire everyday economy in one place so she can make smart decisions about how to use time and money. Now the customer will not need to switch bank or having the same bank to get full control of her or the family's incomes and expenses. ICA Spara also want to give the customer an understanding of how the climate is affected by the food consumption and what she can do about it. And the customer will get offers and tips that saves both time, money and the environment.

The customer simply get assistance for making smart decisions about your everyday life, every day.

Thanks to PSD2 and open banking API based services, ICA Spara can deliver better customer experiences. This new landscape of open banking services provides us with new partnerships, ideas of how to broaden our ecosystem with even more and better services.  Only our imagination sets the limits.

- Peter Sjödahl, CEO ICA Spara

Published 2019-03-13

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