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Clear and well documented APIs for seamless integration in your application

Account information

The Account Information API gives you access to account data for accounts within the PSD2 scope, belonging to customers of ICA Banken. Account data access requires consent from the customer. The API includes the following main features:

  • Retrieve a list of available accounts.
  • Retrieve balances and transaction details for a given account.

Read more about the account Information API:

Technical documentation

Payment initiation

The Payments initiation API gives you the possibility to help ICA Banken customer to initiate payments from ICA Banken accounts through your application or service, allowing the customer to:

  • Transfer money to any Swedish account
  • Transfer money between ICA Banken accounts
  • Initiate Bankgiro and Plusgiro payments
  • Initiate International payments

Read more about payment initiation API:

Technical documentation

Funds confirmation

The Funds confirmation API can be used for checking whether a specific requested amount is available on a given payment account.

Returns true or false to indicate if funds are available.

The endpoint for Funds will be found in the Payment initiation API.

Read more about funds confirmation API:

Technical documentation

The design of ICA Banken APIs has been based on the Berlin Group Framework standard, read more about it here.