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Test Sandbox APIs

To test the API please follow the steps below:

  1. Sign-in to developer account.   
  2. Go to “Applications” tab and create application “psd2_sandbox” in Developer Portal.  
  3. Go to “Subscriptions” tab and click on “API listing store” and select the Sandbox API, select application and subscribe to it.
  4. To view subscription, select “View subscription” button.
  5. Go to “Sandbox Key” tab and click on Generate button to get client id, client secret.
  6. Use any REST Client to get the access token from REST call and test-SSN number you can find in detailed description of services for each API, in ‘Documentation’ tab on API store page.  
  7. Select “API Console” tab to get the list of all endpoints in API.   
  8. Provide your access token in header “Authorization : Bearer“.
  9. Select the endpoint you want to test.
  10. Select “Try it out”.

    Note, in the services where there are fields * required enter any value.
    Sandbox data is hardcoded so please follow instructions in documentation, for which data you need to provide in request to be able to get successful response.
  11. Select “Execute’”.
  12. Get the endpoint response.