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By law, we need to keep the correct information we have about you. Those we have at the moment is over a year old, Therefor you need to verify that it is still correct.

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Here you can see what information we have about you. If name and address are incorrect, please contact us with a secure message or call us.

The law regarding money laundering requires us to collect additional information about you as a customer. This information will help us get a better understanding of our customers and enable to prevent such as money laundering. The information you provide is covered by bank secrecy and will be treated confidentially.

If you want to know more about the current regulations you can read more about this by clicking this link (landingpage is in swedish).

The questions below are mandatory and all must be answered regardless of whether you are logged in via, app or through our customer service. Once you have completed and updated your information, you will move into your pages as normal.